FB Thread 3/2013

3/3, 12:40am

Joe Rosen

Hey Allan, Sorry for being out of touch, as mentioned a while back, spent the last month+ dealing with health issues, and still some stuff ahead of me in late April. A crummy patch so far in 2013, I got old(er) in a big hurry. Still want to talk re: ideas. I’m not dead yet! Maybe one day later this week.

Joe Rosen

3/3, 12:44am

Joe Rosen

(PS I assume you too have been following the Apple wristwatch rumors too. I’d guess there will be an SDK/API and App/App Store opportunities if/when the device materializes. Obviously, companies that can publish early get a jump — i.e. like the early days of the iPhone/App Store, anyone who published that first year before the App Store became saturated experienced big download volume.)

March 3, 2013

Alan M. Hochman

3/3, 8:11pm

Alan M. Hochman

maybe of interest: https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/fr/fr31/4/fr310412.htm

Descriptive Video Exchange: Enhancing the Experience by Empowering the Consumer


Introduction by Dr. Marc Maurer: Here to make our next presentation is the director of the Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research and Development Center in San Francisco, California. He is an inventor of the Descriptive Video Exchange, which is an idea he’ll be discussing in a moment. It’s a re…

Alan M. Hochman

3/3, 8:13pm

Alan M. Hochman


sk-dvx – Smith-Kettlewell Descriptive Video Exchange – Google Project Hosting


Under the support of a three-year grant from the National Eye Institute (NEI grant #R01 EY020925-01), Smith-Kettlewell is currently conducting an exciting new project to investigate the use of crowd-sourcing to provide readily available amateur description for DVD-based video.

March 19, 2013

Alan M. Hochman

3/19, 2:27pm

Alan M. Hochman

I have an idea to run by you

March 22, 2013

Alan M. Hochman

3/22, 10:57am

Alan M. Hochman

Joe I’m signed up for: http://itp.nyu.edu/camp2013/.

Why dont you join me and we can work on the JewelCo project togethe, complete in 1 month, Are you in?

ITP Camp 2013


ITP Camp is ‘A playground with a bunch of awesome equipment and really great people who are doing stuff that you’ve never thought of before’.

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